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RoverLand Metaverse

Total DeFi & NFT Innovation Stack

Bridge DeFi & NFT markets and the metaverse

RoverLand is a DeFi & NFT metaverse innovation stake, complete with markets, funds & games platform with community created worlds & chains. Rover tokenomics offers reflection (token rewards per transaction) and staking with auto compounding hodl APY rewards and no impermanent loss. Rover combines the best of platform revenue & tokenomics.

FetchSwap - Meta DEX
One Click Easy

Send BNB & get RTR at minimal slippage, split from LGE & DEX

Swap + Earn

5% of every transaction goes to to every holder

Ownerless Pool Liquidity

10% of every transaction adds to rug-proof pool

Stake + No Impermanent Loss

Single token staking for FetchSwap users

Hodl Rewards

Auto compound Hodl APY Rewards

RoverLand Metaverse

DeFi suite

Funds, DEX, stables, lending, money markets, yield aggregation

NFT suite

Community created collections, markets, & games platform

Partners program

Contribute to or use the metaverse stack for revenue or a fee


Maximize Yield

Hunt & Aggregate Yield

DAO led strategies to compound & optimize yield from various DeFi offerings


Borrow/Lend, Stables, Money Markets

Combine fuse maker mirror synthetix & aave

Rover users will be able to earn any assets from lock & lend of any assets


DeFi & NFT Funds

Influencer & algo decentralized investment funds

Collaboration with Chainlink & CoTrader empowers Rover to offer DeFi Funds with NFT Funds coming shortly. Anyone can create a fund as a trader. Anyone can join it, as a cotrader, without sending their funds to the trader, and withdraw assets any time. For more info, check our partner cotrader.com



Govern all the things

RTR holders govern virtually every aspect of the platform

NFT Metaverse

Create trade explore & play

Community created collections, funds & storefronts

Rover creates the bridge between users in DeFi, NFTs and metaverse communites with their own interoperable worlds


L2, L1 EVM

Energy Efficient & High Frequency

  • Perpetual Swaps
  • Social Networks
  • NFT Games Platforms
  • Decentralized fiat on-ramp

Integrated with RoverLand - total DeFi & NFT stack -- RoverChains provides a superior experience for users with faster transaction times and lower fees, while bringing on-chain and off-chain game items into the DeFi & NFT marketplace. This in turn creates a market for HFT, derivatives, and more, which drives even more capital from the metaverse



  • 1Q - 50% burned
  • 5% of each tx goes to every holder wallet
  • 10% of each tx adds to rug-proof ownerless pool liquidity
  • No team wallets, renounced ownership
  • Revenue from a total DeFi & NFT stack


RTR combines rovlection tokenomics with revenue from RoverLand -- a total DeFi & NFT stack. Rovflection adds liqudity to DEX & awards RTR to every holder, at every transaction, as explained in supply. Value = Tokenomics * Platform, and Rover is combining the best of both, for quadratic value